Refund Policy

Unfortunately once I deliver your package to the Post Office I have lost all control over it. I am in no way affiliated with the US Postal Service. For this reason I ask that you be fair with me on expected shipping times and I will be fair with you on refunds.
1. If your item arrives damaged please contact me right away. I will need you to email me a photo of the damaged box and the damaged item itself so that I can file a claim on my end. Once I receive these photos I will promptly refund your payment plus shipping.
2. If you are requesting a refund due to the Post Office taking longer to deliver your package than was expected (PO requests a 14 days leeway), and I mailed your item out within 2 working days of receiving your order (except for Holiday Post Office closures) I will put a trace on your package. If it is determined it is lost I will refund your money plus shipping (max 30 days wait time for the PO to investigate).
3. If you are returning your item because you are not happy with it, because it arrived too late to gift, or because you ordered thinking it would arrive sooner than it did I will refund your purchase AFTER I receive the item back in it's original condition (at your expense).
4. I will not give a refund on the above (#3) if the item was personalized.

Have a good day and Thank you for visiting Alaskabluecreations,